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Fundamentals of Sales Management (TFSM2)

The Fundamentals of Sales Management (TFSM2) Course Description Leaders and managers require a specific skill set to effectively lead sales teams. The Fundamentals of Sales Management(TFSM2) provides meaningful, comprehensive, and actionable training for leaders required to build and maintain high performance sales teams. Sales leaders &managers need to know how to motivate, retain and reward [...]

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The Fundamentals of Professional Sales (TFOPS1)

The Fundamentals of Professional Sales (TFOPS1) Course Description Every business relies on effective sales professionals to impact continued revenue, profit growth and to open the doors to new business opportunities. The Fundamentals of professional sales course (TFOPS1) is designed to provide the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to manage the sales job effectively. It prepares [...]

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Advanced Selling Strategies (ASS2)

Advanced Selling Skills (ASS3) Course Description Advanced Selling Skills (ASS3) aims to build on and broaden the knowledge, skills and attitudes of the seasoned sales professional by teaching new pedagogy required to become even more effective in sales. It is specifically designed for sales professionals who understand the selling basics but are desirous of expanding [...]